About Us

Alternative Real Estate is a boutique asset manager and authorized financial services provider that specializes in the structuring of investment and lending products. It was formed to cater for the discerning investor who seeks tailored investments in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), Real Estate Operating Companies (REOCs) and other forms of listed property.

By focusing on the listed property sector, the management team at Alternative Real Estate believes they are able to build valuable relationships with various market participants as well as gain an intimate understanding of the sector, which aids in delivering the best possible returns to investors.



The management team at Alternative Real Estate firmly believe in value investing. A form of investing which entails a bottom-up approach, where company fundamentals will often be the deciding factor. Therefore, Alternative Real Estate make investment decisions based on long-term prospects, which are most likely to deliver real returns to investors through a combination of capital growth and sustainable, growing income from underlying property investments.



Alternative Real Estate, through industry relationships, is able to facilitate innovative structures to best meet investors’ requirements. As well as managing The ALT RE Select Opportunity FR QI Hedge Fund (Select Opportunity Fund), Alternative Real Estate also hosts the facilities to service segregated Accounts both locally and offshore. Depending on individual investors goals and risk/return profiles, Alternative Real Estate offers a range of products to accommodate individuals seeking exposure to the listed real estate market.

Being value orientated investors, the team at Alternative Real Estate firmly believe in a bottom-up, company fundamentals approach. Coupled with quantitative & qualitative research, investments are made with a longer term time horizon. This approach means, with the help of our commercial property valuation professionals, that no investment is made without a core understanding of the underlying assets and management.